Cognitive Computing Technology to Revolutionize Intelligent Decision Making in 5G/6G

In contract to existing machine learning platforms for 5G/6G networks, our Value Proposition is formed around our theoretical and software programming expertise to implement custom artificial intelligent techniques and to integrate them with next generation  solutions for telco clouds. This derives from our knowledge and experience drawn from the intersection of machine learning and 5G concepts and technologies. Our solution is customizable to be adopted to help solving real problems arising in a certain range of 6G use cases/usage scenarios, e.g for AI-based decision making, NWDAF historical & predictive analytics, Edge analytics, etc.

Core of our machine learning engine for 5G/6G networks is the Qiqbus streaming analytics platform, which follows the Lamda architecture. Qiqbus is in house developed as a Spark based platform with many extra features.

Lamda Networks has installed Qiqbus in commercial projects for Solar Energy Forecasting, Mobile Advertising, Deep Packet Inspection and other commercial projects demanded by our industrial customers.

Visit the Qiqbus page for more detailed information on our product.

Partly, our work on adapting our codebase for 5G  has been funded by the following European Commission H2020 projects:

FLAME – GA 731677

5GASP –  GA 1010116448