High Performant Messaging

Messaging is in the core of any enterprise system. Modio Computing offers custom messaging solutions that can adapt to the system requirements and scale with the system size. We can custom-design your messaging infrastructure to match your performance, fault-tolerance and interoperability requirements.
Provisioning options include large multi-node installations for performance and high availability. The messaging cluster can be provisioned either in-house, in a public cloud or offered as a PaaS.

We offer support for several popular messaging protocols including JMS, AMQP, MQTT and WebSockets.

Machine-generated Data Intelligence & Real-Time Analytics
Navigating through very large data sets can be challenging even for the most sophisticated conventional data mining tools. Big data analytics and streaming analytics employ distributed processing techniques to efficiently index, transform and aggregate the original source to a smaller dat set that easier to comprehend, identify trends and act upon.

When the amount of data generated in your organization exceeds your current data mining capacity, Modio can help you scale your current approaches using innovative methodologies and open source analytics frameworks.

Whether the data source is a transaction log or sensor-generated events, we offer a roadmap to both static analysis and real-time stream processing.

Training & Support
Modio Computing can provide the required training and support for in house development and management of custom messaging & analytics solutions. In scenarios where dependency on long-term outsourcing arrangements has a negative impact to customers, this approach renders customers less dependent on these arrangements and allows enriching in-house expertise.