Building 6G solutions

Plethora of customer applications & services require guarantees which should never be affected by the state of the substrate network and of its computing resources. Indeed, the commercial potential of many promising 6G concepts will only come to life if the network itself is capable of automatically deciding and enforcing at runtime the most suitable intelligent, data driven actions.

Lamda Networks already delivers AI/ML based solutions for operators and system integrators for telecommunication 5G cloud networks and is extending its Qiqbus product for data driven intelligent 6G networks, following the relevant 3GPP standards. Our solution is customizable to be adopted to help solving real problems arising in a certain range of 6G use cases/usage scenarios, e.g for AI-based decision making and implementation of 3GPP Network Function Exposure elements, NWDAF historical & predictive analytics, Edge analytics, etc. Our existing solutions based on our Qiqbus are cloud-native services and are 5G ready, having being tested and validated in carrier-grade 5G infrastructures.


Towards Green 6G

With Renewables Energy Sources promoting the Green 6G paradigm via local energy production, we delivered in a 2 years project (Q4 2021-Q3 2023) a commercial-grade solution for Solar Park energy forecasting based on weather data, sensors and on-site cameras feeds for one major international client. We also provide System Integration services for clients interested in Green 6G solutions for their portfolios.

Currently, our RnD department is experimenting with AI/ML techniques towards energy efficiency & sustainability in 6G networks.

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